How to take Fingerprints

Taking the fingerprints

There are two ways to take fingerprints.

Method 1

By using the casting kit we send you after you have placed your order. This kit is very easy to use and only takes a couple of minutes. The kit is also completely re-usable so please, take your time and do the print as many times as you want until you get the results you are happy with. This method of taking the print gives an indentation on the charm in the shape and depth of the fingerprint.

Like this: fingerprint Jewellery 1

Method 2

By using a pencil, paper and clear sticky tape. Firstly scribble with a pencil only a plain white sheet of paper. Secondly rub the fingertip into the pencil lines and ensure the whole of the fingertip is covered Then take a piece of the sticky tap and stick the fingertip onto the tape to lift the print off. Lastly stick the tape onto a plain piece of paper. the image should look like this.

image of pencil fingerprint


 This method gives an engraved look to the print.

Like this:



Please remember we only recommend fingerprint jewellery for children over 12 months old.