Heart T- Bar Bracelet

    Delivery time:3-4 Weeks from receipt of usable print/image.
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Sterling Silver trace chain bracelet with heart shaped T-Bar fastening.

Choose from fingerprint, hand print, doodle, pet or kiss charm.

This bracelet is covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Once you have placed your order you will be sent either a fingerprint or handprint kit. For the hand/footprints we use an ink-less wipe kit this is a great way to capture all the little details of the hands and feet. This method was first used in America to capture the prints of new born babies and is totally safe. If you already have your own prints that you would like us to use simple send a black and white copy either by post or by email to: erica@silverimprints.co.uk

Return Stamp Explained

You will notice on the options for a hand or foot print that it asks you if you would like us to return the stamp to you?

This is because during the process of making your charm the image you send us is miniaturised and then turned into a small stamp. The silver is in a very soft state when we push the stamp into it allowing the image be transferred forever.  

We can mount this stamp on to an acrylic block and send it back to you for a charge of £7 per stamp. You can then use them to decorate cards, birth announcements or for scrap booking etc.